Monday, January 7, 2008

ये आदमी और कीड़े और जाने क्‍या-क्‍या..

कौन किसकी पा रहा है? खा रहा है? समाज का तंत्र, इसे रचनेवाले तत्‍व व्‍यक्ति को नचवाते हैं, कि यह उसकी बनावट में ही कुछ अन्‍तर्निहित है जो उससे कुछ विशिष्‍ट लीक पीटवाती चलती है? बड़े गोल-गोल प्रश्‍न हैं.. पिछले दिनों कुछ फ़ि‍ल्‍में देखी, उनका कुछ गोल-गोल उद्धृत कर रहा हूं..

“Could you give me the chalk for a minute to try something?.. Know how to hypnotize a hen? You press its head to the ground and draw a straight line from the bill. We used to watch my grandfather do that. One could also draw a circle.Then the hen would run in a circle until it became exhausted. Ever seen a caterpillar procession? There are thousands of caterpillars creeping through the woods. If you change the direction of the first one so it follows the last… then they run in a circle until they are exhausted.”
- Signs of Life, Wener Herzog,
“We master ideas, which are nothing, but not our emotions, which are all..”
- Masculine- Feminine, Jean Luc Godard.
“Life's hard to bear, huh? People aren't happy. That's why. It's the reason. The great events... (they’re) all in search of happiness. The source of life is hidden… All these buildings, these great structures, not a stone will be left… some day.”
- Jesus of Montreal, Denys Arcand

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