Friday, January 18, 2008

आओ, नदियों की डंडा लगायें, फकत पैसे बनायें

उर्फ़ हम सबक क्‍यों सीखेंगे?..

फ्रंटलाईन के ताज़ा अंक में मुंबई की नदियों के रख-रखाव संबंधी एक रपट छपी है. हमने परसों किसी तरह काम चला लेने की मानसिकता पर एक पोस्‍ट लिखा था. गौर कीजिए, यहां किसी तरह काम चलानेवाली मानसिकता नहीं काम कर रही. कंस्‍ट्रक्‍शन इंडस्‍ट्री के स्‍वार्थों और मनी-मेकिंग के हित में सब लीप-धोकर आंखें मूंदे रहने की मानसिकता का नंगा, फूहड़, गंवारू राज चल रहा है..

रपट पर गौर कीजिए:

It has been over two years since a freak rainfall paralysed Mumbai. The 2005 floods that wreaked havoc in the city were a wake-up call and the city’s administrators and developers vowed that they had learnt a lesson. But the current trend of development in the city throws up doubts on whether those warnings have been heeded. The mistakes acknowledged by the administration have just not been rectified. Worse, they are being repeated. Scattered across the city are examples of dangerous development, which are especially visible in the suburbs, which suffered the most during the floods.

The floods brought Mumbai’s rivers into prominence. In the normal course of events, the rivers would have served as effective storm-water drains, channelling the floodwaters swiftly into the sea at a pace that cannot be matched by any manmade construction. But Mumbai’s obsession with concrete has not spared even the rivers. They have been encroached upon, their natural course has been forcibly altered by the construction of roads and retaining walls, and they are used as sewers and as a dumping ground for debris. Their natural capacity as a disaster-prevention system has been disabled. The rivers are themselves, ironically, disasters in the making. They are Mumbai’s most abused ecological feature.

लाइला बावदम की लिखी पूरी रपट पढ़ने के लिए यहां जायें.


  1. पैसे की चमक में ऐसे अंधे हुए हैं कि नदी भी नाला दिखाई देती है..

  2. हुज़ूर ! बात एकदम ठीक है, पर 'नदी की डंडा लगाओ' यह क्या भाषा हुई ? वह भी शीर्षक में . नदी पर अत्याचार बुरा और भाषा पर अत्याचार ठीक ?

  3. टेन्‍शन हो गया है । वाक़ई नदियों की हालत खराब है --और केवल मुंबई में नहीं सारे देश में ।