Friday, January 7, 2011

Scarecrow of arsenal, urf this goddamm business of life..

Capitalist modernity, so it appeared, had landed us with an economic system which was almost purely instrumental. It was a way of life dedicated to power, profit, and the business of material survival, rather than to fostering the values of human sharing and solidarity. The political realm was more a question of management and manipulation than of the communal shaping of a common life. Reason itself had been debased to mere self-interested calculation. As for morality, this, too, had become an increasingly private affair, more relevant to the bedroom than the boardroom. Cultural life had grown more important in one sense, burgeoning into a whole industry or branch of material production. In another sense, however, it had dwindled to the window-dressing of a social order which had exceedingly little time for anything it could not price or measure. Culture was now largely a matter of how keep people harmlessly distracted when they were not working.”

Thus spoke Eagletons & Terrys.


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    Culture is changing with time. Specially in India. If a man [ Binayak Sen ]is being sentenced for life term just because he was fighting for human rights, then indeed the coming generation will be confused about serving the downtrodden . They will certainly grow insensitive and the culture will change with a sharper bend.


  2. Sometimes I just feel like reading this kind of philosophical theories; but most of the times they give me headache.